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Shravana Masa 2018 Shravana Month

Shravana Masa Shravana Masa or Shravana Month is the 5th Month in hindu calendar or Kannada panchanga Shravan is one of the holiest months of the Hindu calendar and is dedicated to the worship of Shiva. It marks the beginning of the Chatur Maas period. While most days in this …

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Do you know the six schools of Hindu philosophy?

The six schools of Hindu philosophy or darshan are: Samkhya, Yoga, Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Vedanta, and Mimamsa. These six darshans are astika since they believe in the vedas. Over time they merged into Samkhya/Yoga, Nyaya/Vaisheshika and Vedanta/Mimamsa philosophies. Samkhya means enumeration or number in Sanskrit and is a rational school of …

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Do you know how the Hindu calendar functions?

Most calendars are determined according to the position of the Earth in its revolution around the sun or the position of the sun in the celestial sphere and this calendar is the solar or in modern parlance the Gregorian calendar. The lunar calendar is based on lunar phases. The lunar …

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Important reasons to visit a Hindu temple

Ancient Hindu temples were chosen such that the location gave maximum positive benefits from magnetic and electric fields. Since devotees enter a temple barefoot, they benefit from the positive energy that enters the body through the feet. Another reason to enter barefoot is to keep impurities out of the sanctified …

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Hinduism A Perspective

Salutations to the Holy Guru who sits in the blissful posture under the banyan tree explaining the Supreme Truth with the silence. Salutations to that Source of knowledge, Salutations to that Giver of knowledge, Salutations to that Kindler who is the Supreme Truth Itself. Praising His Holy Feet, my wealth, …

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