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RudrAksha Significance

RudrAksh is one of the most important things for the devotees of Lord shiva. The word rudrAksha means the eye of Lord rudra (rudrAksha – rudra + aksha). The rudraksha beads are worn by the Lord and Its devotees. rudraxa beads proven to have very good positive effect in one who wears …

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Shiva ratri vratam

Shiva rathri is one of the most auspicious vratas for the devotees of Lord shiva. The purANas explain the grand significance of this vrata. Especially Skandha Maha puraNa has the details of the way to observe the vrata. History of shivaratri Once when everything in all the worlds got reduced …

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Vat Savitri Pooja

Vat savitri Pooja is performed on the Jyeshtha Paurnima (Full Moon Day).  On this occasion, the married women worship the Vata Vruksha (Banyan Tree – which is also the national Tree of India). Some ladies cut a branch of Banyan Tree, bring it home and worship it.  After the pooja …

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Vyas Paurnima

Ashadh Shuddha 15 (Paurnima) is celebrated as Vyas Poojan or Guru Poojan Day. When the Gurus (Teachers) are worshipped felicitated and offered Guru Dakshina (Money or Kinds) as a gratitude towards their contribution in the life of the human being. On this day Adhya Guru Lord Krishna and Param Guru …

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