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Ayush Mela and Sankara Samskruthi Sambhrama


SANKARA SAMSKRUTHI SAMBRAMA will be an unique & golden opportunity for the viewers to show case the talents & to  be exhibited for the views across the world.

SAMSKRUTHI SAMBRAMA to shake hands with our viewers which gave reposed faith in us, thereby giving them a platform to convey their feelings, give us their feedback, participate in various contests, to enjoy and relax by spending their week end in the Manchester of Karnataka – Davangere

Sankara mela is a wholesome family entertainment event with huge benefits for all the attendees Dhanvantri homa will be done to pray almighty to bless us all with good health sankalpa will be done on all family members Lakshmi homa to increase finances and solve cash woes – pravachans by famous guruji’s
like santosh guruji, Bramhanda guruji etc – presence by noted astrologers like sri sachidananda babu etc

Apart from this the various other activities like Rangoli competition , Bhajans,Cultural Programme, Drwaing Competition will be conducted

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