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Akshayya Trutiya

Vaishakh Shuddha Trutiya – the 3rd day of bright half of Lunar Month Vaishakh is known as Akshayya Trutiya.  It is one of the 3½ Muhurta (Auspicious days).  New purchases like house, land, vehicle, Gold, Silver etc… starting new venture, business etc… is done on this day.

Akshayya means the one that does not have an end or which does not die or perish.  So any Holy, Social or charity work done on this day lasts for ever.  Hence people perform Pooja, Hom Havan, Dan Dharma (donations) etc…

On this day Shraddha of the dead people in the family like (Father, Grand Father, Great Grand Father, Mother, Grand Mother, Great Grand Mother etc…) is performed.  It is an occasion to remember them and thank them.

If Akshayya Trutiya falls on Wednesday with Moon in Rohini Nakshtra, it is believed to be very highly auspicious.

Birth day of Lord Parashuram – the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu – is also celebrated on this day especially in Goa & Konkan region of India.

Vaishakh Shuddha 3 (Trutiya)

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